About DataForum

Data Forum constantly monitoring the latest international scientific and technological solutions, develops and applies them in their work. We also create your own unique equipment and software. Our goal — to provide customers with the best quality service and modern facilities at European standards.

Valentin Dubrovsky, CEO DataForum


It began in 2013, when Valentin Dubrovsky, head of the technical department in one of the largest companies in St. Petersburg Maintenance conferences, I realized that these services can be provided in a new way.

«In St. Petersburg, there are many companies that offer rental equipment for conferences. As a rule, it is the dealers of various foreign suppliers — says Valentin Dubrovsky. Several smaller companies performing complex equipment business events «turnkey». Some have interesting ideas and technical solutions.

However, at some point, started off well oriented in this market, I saw that most of the various contractors use the same technology, the same hardware and software. Little by little, everything becomes obsolete. Abroad, every day there are new solutions, but somehow we have to reach them late.

And then my colleagues and I decided to found his own company, which also will provide comprehensive technical support business activities, but using the most advanced scientific and technological solutions. «

The company established DataForum

at the end of 2013. Soon its own scientific and technical development department was established here — the only one of its kind among the Petersburg branch companies.

Specialists of the department closely monitor all the foreign news and market trends, improve and implement the best solutions, creating their own unique technology and equipment.

2 Years of Work

on the market of technical equipment conferences Company Data Forum attended by more than two hundred projects of equipment of different size and complexity. Including:

  • Petersburg International Economic Forum;
  • International Conference «Education and world cities: the prospects of BRICS»;
  • «Day of competition in Russia», organized by the FAS;
    Presentation RBC Award, and many others.

Starting with St. Petersburg, DataForum soon entered the market in Moscow, and then in other regions of our country. Today the geography of the company’s work covers the whole Russia.

DataForum Team

DataForum company consists of energetic, knowledgeable professionals with experience in solving complex, including non-standard tasks.

And CEO Valentin Dubrovsky, and most of the team have extensive experience in the industry’s leading companies.

DataForum began with five professionals. Today, twelve people work here — are professionals in various fields of knowledge. Their joint coordinated work creates a synergy that allows DataForum team to solve technological and organizational problems of any level of complexity and responsibility.

In DataForum come the best, because the company offers ample opportunities for career and professional growth.

DataForum — not only a great start, but a worthy continuation of career professionals.